In the spring of 1996, the founder of Splashgear, Shereen Sabet, and her husband visited Santa Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California for a few days of vacation. There, they decided to try something different and adventurous--they took a "Discover SCUBA Diving" course. After watching a short video and taking a quiz, their instructor explained to them how to use their gear and what to expect during their dive. They went down to Casino Point, a very popular dive site, and entered the water all geared up in their SCUBA equipment. It was initially a challenging experience, but when she eventually sank down to the bottom, Shereen was immediately thrilled by the wonders around her and was in awe of the incredible fact that she was actually swimming with the fishes. After surfacing and ending her dive that day, she felt a natural high that simply would not go away. Shereen could not believe the amazing experience she just had, and she vowed to continue to get her official SCUBA certification.

It's been more than ten years since her first scuba adventure, and Shereen's love for scuba diving has not ceased. However, after becoming a more observant Muslim woman, she wondered how she would continue her love of scuba diving. How could Shereen reconcile her religious obligations with her desire to swim with the fishes and reflect upon God's Creation? To her relief, she discovered scuba diving outfits that would allow her to maintain her religiously-mandated modesty in mixed company while providing her an extra benefit during the dive--she discovered the drysuit. The drysuit allows Shereen to continue with her water recreation hobby without compromising her dignity or principles, and it even allows her to stay completely dry and relatively warm in cool ocean waters. She was then struck with the thought that although she had found a solution to her personal obstacle, there was a world full of women who could not swim or enjoy water activities because of the lack of acceptable clothing options. Shereen then became committed to finding a way for other modesty-conscious women to swim and enjoy water recreation and to have equal access to public water facilities.

In 2005, Shereen began to test outfits that could be used in-water, but which also provided full coverage. Through direct research of products and after evaluating different fabrics, she realized what worked and what didn't. The culmination of that work and commitment was the founding of Splashgear®.

Splashgear® is an innovative company that offers women of all backgrounds full coverage in-water apparel. Whether she is religiously observant, has physical abnormalities, or simply chooses not to wear the common bikini or bathing suit in public, the active water enthusiast can find what she's looking for in the Splashgear®clothing line. We have hair coverings , shirts, and different styles of bottoms to meet her needs, in both misses and women's plus sizes. Our line is always fashionable with coordinated pieces, and she can buy each piece separately or an entire ensemble.

Our swim hood and swim cap are designed to be comfortable and to stay securely on the head. While Splashgear® clothing is designed to be worn over an existing one-piece bathing suit, our shirts and bottoms can also be worn over more form-fitted clothing, such as a thin wetsuit used in surfing and warm-water scuba diving, or over a lycra skin suit. That way, a water enthusiast can get the full benefits of either the wetsuit or skin suit while still maintaining modesty in public.

Splashgear® aims to be the premier provider of women's full coverage in-water apparel and we strive to achieve your trust and complete satisfaction. We invite you to explore the rest of this site and to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We seek to continually improve and expand our product line and we look forward to serving your needs.

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