Swimwear Clothing Tips

Quick-drying synthetic fabrics have been carefully chosen for modesty performance, and innovative designs have been incorporated into the Splashgear clothing line. In addition, this page is designed to help you further maximize the use of your modest swimming attire. Here, you will learn how to "burp your shirt"; enter the water lady-like with your La Femme skirt; and tie your drawstring so that it can be untied easily--even when wet.

1. Burping Your Swim Shirt

To maintain modesty when exiting the water, simply pull the Island or Resort shirt away from the body with a very quick motion (see side figure). Do not lift the shirt--just pull it in a horizontal manner away from your waist. This will introduce air into the shirt which will in turn help loosen the wet shirt from the torso. The quick-drying nature of the synthetic fabric will further enhance modesty. Burping your shirt can only be done when the hem of the shirt is outside of the water. Also, when sitting in a hottub, you may wish to sit away from the direct path of the jetstream so as to prevent the shirt from being blown upwards and exposing the body.

burping your swim shirt

2. Keeping Skirt Down

For the La Femme swim bottom, the skirt should be held down when first entering the water to keep out any air that is trapped between the skirt and pants. The air that is trapped between the dry skirt and pants will cause the skirt initially to 'bubble' and rise up. In order to keep the skirt down, simply place your hands on the front of the skirt to keep out any air which may be present in the upper part of the skirt (see side figure). Hold down the skirt until the swim bottoms are completely submerged in the water. Once the skirt is completely wet, it will not float in the water at all and will stay close to the pants.

 keeping skirt down

3. Tying the Knot

If your pair of swim bottoms does not have the cord lock or belt buckle, then to make sure that the drawstring can be easily untied when wet, follow these simple instructions for tying a knot when the drawstring is still dry (see side figure): (1) Take the two ends of the cross-drawstring and pull away from each other to tighten the waist. (2) Then loop each end and use the loops to tie an overhand knot; you may want to do a double overhand for greater security. (3) Finally, pull the loops to tighten the knot. Make sure to tuck your knot inside the waistband. When you need to quickly and easily untie the wet drawstring, simply pull on the loose ends.

typing the knot

More clothing tips for your comfort

4. Because of its looser design, remember to tighten the waist cord of the Resort shirt before entering the water, and don't forget to tuck your cord into the cord storage hole to prevent entanglement.

5. Pant legs cannot be longer than ankle length for in-water safety. If pant legs are longer than ankle length, please try a shorter inseam or contact customer service.

6. When exiting the water, do not pick at the wet pants, simply keep walking. The pants will begin to drip dry as soon as you get out of the water and will take a minute or two to be completely dry.

7. Remember that your swim hood should be used with your hair worn down, but NOT pinned up in a bun; and for safety reasons, the bib of the hood should be tucked inside the collar of the swim shirt. In addition, it is much easier and neater to put on your hood first, then put on your shirt.

8. The swim cap should be worn with the logo positioned at the back of the head.