Frequently Asked Questions

Does Splashgear offer a men's modest simwear line?

Due to customer requests, a Splashgear men's modest swimwear line is currently under development. We plan to offer two different styles of shirts and two different styles of shorts. The fabrication will be the same, offering the same UV protection and chlorine-resistant fabric. Please check back later to see the styles.
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How are Splashgear products priced?

All Splashgear products are proudly made in the USA using imported fabric with production facilities in Southern California. Splashgear has contracted with the same factories that have produced for major brand names, including Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, Victoria's Secret, Guess, Maxine, Robin Piccone, Gildamarx, and Laundry by Shelli Segal. Workers in the USA are protected by labor laws and workplace regulations. You can be assured that the people manufacturing the Splashgear line are paid at least the minimum wage and work under safe conditions, and Splashgear's retail prices reflect these facts. Because of this, the quality of the products is very high and the value very good.

How are Splashgear's products designed?

Splashgear has put much thought into the design of its products, keeping the following criteria in mind. Swimwear should:

  • Conform to the Islamic modest dress code and not be revealing, skin-tight, or see-through
  • Be safe and comfortable to use
  • Be fashionable and reasonably priced

The swimwear offers UV protection and UPF information can be found on each respective product page. The hair covers are offered in two styles--swim cap, which covers the head; and swim hood, which covers the head and neck. The swim shirts are loose-fitting in the chest area and are offered in two styles--hip-length and mid-thigh length. The swim bottoms are offered in two styles--straight-leg pants and a one-piece skirted pants--both of which have an internal drawcord waist and cord lock, as well as a low-profile zipper and mesh pocket for water drainage. The swim shirts and bottoms are cut to be comfortably loose out of the water, but relatively close to the body in the water to prevent floating up or entanglement. Chlorine-resistant synthetic fabrics are used, which are light-weight and quick-drying and do not weigh down the swimmer.
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Can Splashgear clothing be used for other, non-water activities?

Splashgear swimwear is designed to be used for water activities and not for working out, or exercising. The synthetic fabrics used in the line do not allow the skin to 'breathe' like other fabrics, such as cotton or Coolmax® polyester fibers. For workout/exercise clothing, Splashgear recommends specific products that are designed to wick moisture away from your skin.

Why does Splashgear sell its swimwear in separate pieces and not as one complete outfit?

Splashgear offers flexibility and versatility to the consumer allowing her to create her own unique outfit by mixing and matching different styles and colors. In addition, different customers have different needs and Splashgear is happy to be able to serve a diversity of clientele. Many Muslim women choose to voluntarily abide by the Islamic modest dress code and cover completely. Other Muslim and non-Muslim women choose to cover their bodies, but not their hair; while yet other Splashgear customers purchase the swimwear for non-religious reasons. By selling the swimwear in separate pieces, the consumer can purchase only what she will use and nothing more.
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Does your swimwear offer UV protection?

Yes, Splashgear products do offer UV protection and the UV Protection Factor, or UPF, can be found on each respective product page. Generally, the UPF of a fabric increases as the color gets darker and as the weave of the fabric gets tighter. Also, the Chloroban® fabric, which Splashgear uses for the shirts and hair covers, as well as the woven polyester fabric, which is used for the swim bottoms, have been tested via the well-established and scientifically-accepted AS/NZS 4399:1996 protocol.
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Are there any retail locations?

Splashgear is an e-commerce site and does not currently have any retail stores. For a list of retailers that carry the Splashgear line, please visit the Contact Us page.
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Do you offer children's sizes?

The majority of Splashgear customers are adult women and Splashgear focuses on this demographic. Furthermore, Splashgear is offering a product that primarily addresses the needs of Muslim women who are required by their faith to dress modestly in mixed company upon reaching puberty. Children who have not yet reached puberty are not required by Islam to cover their bodies.

How does the Splashgear swimwear function in and out of the water? Isn't it dangerous to wear? Doesn't it cling to the body immodestly?

Our swimwear is designed to be modest both in and out of the water. In the water, the clothing is close to the body and does not float, but is not skin-tight (please see underwater photos of the swimwear). The fabrics are very thin and light-weight and they do not weigh down the swimmer, and safety features have been designed into each product. Upon exiting the water, the clothing will stick to the body, but a quick tug at the bottom of the shirts will instantly loosen them, and taking a few steps will instantly loosen the pant legs of the swim bottoms, which are DWR-coated for water repellancy. The Splashgear swimwear is designed to balance both the functional needs of in-water performance and safety, as well as out-of-water modesty, and you can read what real customers have to say about their Splashgear outfits in regards to functionality and safety through their product reviews posted at each product page.
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