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Women's Swim Separates

Since 2006, Splashgear has been offering women like you a complete line of modest swimwear based on Islamic principles that covers the entire body for maximum modesty. You can mix and match each component to create your own complete, three-piece, full-coverage swimsuit, or you can buy only what you need—either a hair cover or a swim shirt or a pair of swim bottoms.

There are two styles of hair covers: the swim cap covers the hair and ears, while the swim hood covers the hair, ears, and neck. The three styles of swim shirts are the shorter length Island shirt and the longer Resort shirt and Adventure Resort Shirt. Our swim bottoms are the one-piece skirted La Femme—the skirt is attached to the slim pants at the waist; and the Resort pants, which have a straight leg style.

Our Islamic-based modest swimwear is loose-fitting and provides full-body coverage whether you are dressing for religious modesty, personal comfort, or sun protection. Our size range includes Misses as well as Plus sizes, in select items. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us—we’d love to help you!

Our swimwear line has been awarded the Melanoma International Foundation Seal of Approval for its UV protection and is officially endorsed for public pool use by the Skokie Park District of Illinois, so you can swim and enjoy water recreation with peace of mind and without fear of being banned from public facilities. Our entire Islamic-based modest swimwear line is 100% chlorine-proof—not just resistant—so you can swim all day, everyday without worrying about the condition of your suit.

We also offer our one-size Easy View swim goggles to help you see clearly underwater whether in a pool or during open water swimming.

Whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or purchasing for personal comfort, Splashgear caters to your specific needs. We serve women just like you, and our high-quality products have created very satisfied customers, repeat customers, and customers who have referred others to Splashgear.

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