Fourteen years along, how does Splashgear® continue to make a splash in the world of modest swimwear?

By Laura El Alam

June 11, 2020

Splashgear modest full coverage and Islamically compliant swimwearWhen Huntington Beach, California native Shereen Sabet started Splashgear® in 2006, it was the fourth company in the entire world to offer Islamic swimwear. Nowadays there are many potential options for customers who want to buy full-coverage swimsuits, whether they are Muslims who want to dress modestly at the beach or pool, or non-Muslims who desire sun protection. What makes Splashgear® continue to be unique and truly outstanding in its field?

  • Unwaveringly Modest. Unlike many suits on the market today, Splashgear ® swimwear meets strict Islamic criteria for women’s modesty. The company purposely uses fabrics that are water-resistant and quick-drying so they can easily and quickly unstick from the body after exiting the water. Their designs are cut so that they aren’t skin-tight, revealing, or transparent. Meeting Islamic modesty standards is a top priority at Splashgear®, and they put a great deal of thought and research into their fabrics and designs. Tight tops and fitted leggings have become commonplace among some “modest” swimwear providers, but Splashgear® maintains a genuine, unshaking commitment to Islamic values. It is the choice of both secular as well as conservative Muslim women.

  • Stylish. Many Musim women make their clothing choices first and foremost with their religious convictions in mind, but Splashgear® believes that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice style or practicality to do so. Splashgear® chooses colors, fabrics, prints, and designs that meet modesty requirements but also allow women to express their personality and feel playful and confident. Their sporty, surf-inspired designs and vibrant colors fit right in at Western beaches, water parks, and pools where rash guards and board shorts are commonplace.

  • UV protective. Splashgear® fabrics have been tested by an independent lab and are rated up to UPF 50+. Splashgear® is proud to be the only modest swimwear company in the world that has earned the Melanoma International Foundation’s Seal of Approval for its UV-protective garments.

  • Long-lasting. Splashgear® doesn’t skimp on materials. For their swim shirts and hair covers, they use soft, comfortable, chlorine-proof polyester/PBT, a superior fabric in the performance swimwear industry. It is lightweight, durable, and has excellent stretch and recovery properties. Their swim bottoms are made of 100% “peached” microfiber woven polyester fabric that is DWR-coated to repel water. Unlike common, flimsy swimwear that quickly deteriorates due to the effects of chlorine, sun, and salt water, Splashgear® suits are built to last.

  • Water-Safety Compliant. At many swimming pools and water parks, “street clothes” are not permitted because they can pose a hazard in the water. Muslim women sometimes get ejected from swimming venues because their modest clothing isn’t compliant; but Splashgear® swimwear has been officially endorsed for public pool use by the Skokie Park District. Since the suits are made from the same quick-drying fabrics as board shorts and rash guard shirts, and are consciously designed with safety in mind, swimmers can feel confident that their swimsuit will be accepted by pool authorities. One of the features of the swimwear line is the use of lightweight materials that don’t weigh down the swimmer and a mesh pocket for water drainage.

  • Made in the USA. While it would be cheaper to import products that are made under sub-standard or unjust conditions, Splashgear® deliberately chooses to produce its line in the USA to ensure fair working conditions and to support local labor.