Read what others are saying about Splashgear in the blog-o-sphere:

Have you ever tried the “Splash Gear” brand swimsuits? I have two, and found them to be most comfortable and provide stay-put coverage for water activities – such as swimming laps and water play with small children! They have excellent customer service, and are reasonably priced.

- Laurie Ann, September 7, 2013 at 12:05 am via

I like my splashgear suit, worth every penny. IMHO

- ummlayla, May 27th, 2010,11:48 AM via Twitter mobile web -

You all are cracking me up...actually I'll post a link to where I got my swim-gear just in case anyone is concerned about skin cancer/light sensitivity especially in parts of the world where the ozone layer is quite thin like Australia. They are quite comfortable, don't rise or balloon up and it is an American based company Splashgear - Modest Full Coverage Swimwear

Being an overweight woman I rather appreciate it on an entirely different level. Also don't have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions after being hit by waves

-PR_Princess, April 23, 2010 -

And onward to my favorite U.S. company for the Burquini, Splashgear - Modest Full Coverage Swimwear

It gets thumbs up for:

  • Made In The USA High labor standards for the makers, quality materials and still reasonably priced
  • UV UPF 50 Protection due to, according to their FAQ, "Generally, the UPF of a fabric increases as the color gets darker and as the weave of the fabric gets tighter."
  • Misses & Woman sizes
  • Their Resort shirt is made for a more mature body line, a relaxed fit...
  • And finally, the company eloquently explains that this is specially designed strictly for swimming...

I love the way this fabric moves with the body while swimming!

This is how it looks exiting the pool, Splashgear instructs, that with one outward tug, the top of the suit releases from the body and relaxes as do the bottoms in taking a couple steps out of the water.

re swimwear. For me, I wouldn't wear leggings outside, as one of the conditions of hijab is that it covers our shape, not just our skin. I have a suit from splashgear that I love love love. When you get out of the water, just walk a step or 2, tug on your shirt and wa'la, no more sticking.

- rahma, February 1, 2010, 1:47pm -


I'm so excited to wear my splashgear swimsuit! It's going to look soo pretty and modest iA. I can swim anytime I want. And perhaps lose weight doing it iA. I'm so excited!

- ImaniandSabr, July 14, 2009, 3:06 AM -

I wear a swimsuit from the Splashgear company mentioned in the article.

I wear it because it makes me feel comfortable. I just don't want people seeing so much of an outline of my body, whether they find it attractive or not. I do like the style, also.

- Lilllabettt, June 23, 2009, 9:06 PM -

I must say the splashgear stuff looks very comfy.

- DameAgnes, June 23, 2009, 9:42 PM -

Asalamu Aalikum ladies,

I picked up my swimsuit from This is the only vendor that has reasonable I love the colors and the fact that it dries quickly. check it out.

ma salaama!

Umm Amirah, June 22, 2009 6:41 PM -

I have been taking my 3 young daughters to swimming lessons for several years now and they have been wearing the (sadly now discontinued) "Wave Bodysuits" from LL Bean. I have had SO many people ask me where I got them from and if the sell similar suits for *women*! This led me to research modest swimwear and now I have recommended Modest Swimwear Solutions and Splashgear and others to many people, and many of my friends and relatives (who are not religious) have bought modest swimwear!

bailey, June 21, 2009, 4:47 AM -


[...] I personally would be more comfortable in having most of my legs and arms covered, otherwise I'd feel quite naked. Splashgear has women's suits that look cooler than the Burquini things.

- aynur, June 09, 2009, 07:41 AM -

Salaam Sarah,

Since you swim fully covered, have you checked out those "Islamic" swimsuits? (i.e. [...] Splashgear) They would be less heavy than wearing your clothes & scarf in the water, and I believe safer for you.

- aynur, June 13, 2009, 06:43 PM -

Take a dip...stay modest! Splashgear offers a wide selection and high quality swimwear for Muslim women.

- Jennifer Kabir, June 9, 2009, 9:12 pm -

I am a BIG fan of the Splashgear swim shirts and pants. They're chlorine-friendly and are long/loose without being SO long and loose that they bind up your legs, know what I mean? I don't know about the ones available through Veiled By Design, but anecdotally overall I've heard a lot of complaints about Islamically oriented swimgear either being just too tight, getting in the way of actually swimming, or degrading due to pool chemicals, so I'm pretty happy to stick to the one that I've not had those issues with. (Thus ends the unsolicited commercial.)

- Liquesce, May 30, 2009, 8:56 pm -

I second the opinion on Splashgear. I love my suit and my friends that have it love theirs too. It looks like it belongs in the water--that is what is important to me. Some of the suits I have seen have looked like track suits.

I hope you get to enjoy swimming again! Sara

- sheilige, May 31, 2009, 7:30 am -

Assalamu Alaikum:

I've owned three Muslim swimsuits over the past few years.

#1 was from Egypt...and was O.K. The material was weird.

#2 was from Ahiida in known as the Burquini. I loved it, but it was uber-expensive...and got caught up in customs for awhile.

#3 is from Splash Gear. I bought the longer top, and the pants, and then the separate swim hood. I really love this one. I loved the Australian one too, but unless they have a US distributor, I won't buy from them again. The separate [Splashgear] swim hijab is much easier than the attached one on the Ahiida suit.

I swim all the time and have never had my suits be an issue. Usually, some other people will ask me where I can get them.

- umsami, May 31, 2009, 2:39 pm -

Salaam alaikum,
Some other good companies are and These companies are more reasonably priced than some overseas company for Muslimahs in the USA.

- uppity_bookworm, May 8, 2009 -

...I suggest looking at Splashgear anyway: . If you're looking for pattern inspiration ... a lot of modest swimwear, in my experience, is designed with only appearance in mind. SG is sincerely designed with actual functionality in the water in mind. (Not a company rep, I swear!)

- Mishu, Februray 19, 2009, 10:50 pm -

You can also find affordable Islamic swimwear at

A sister in Huntington Beach, CA has designed them.

I've swam in it and it's really nice. It doesn't retain any water to slow you down, and when you come out it doesn't cling to the body.

check it out.

- Anonymous, 2 Februray 2009 -

Assalamu Alaikum, I also have a splashgear suit, and I love it. I used to swim laps in mine. Alas, no time for the gym anymore, but one of these days inshaAllah.

- Rahma, 2 February 2009 -

you don't know what you’re missing by foregoing the ‘Islamic’ swimsuit options… I have a splashgear one, and it has just given me so much freedom… especially to swim in lakes and oceans etc. without needing a womens only session.

- loolt, 10 January 2009 -

...I LOVE the hijabi swimsuit styles even if I find some a bit ugly. Splash gear and Prima Modo have comfy suits which don't drag.

- Aisha La Estudiante, 26 November 2008 -

dont knock it till you try it, I have a splashgear one ( and it is dead easy to swim in, i did not feel weighed down and even particpated in an aqua aerobics class. I have a review on my experience on my blog (I have an Islamic swimsuit) if anyone cares to read it.

- loolt, 25 November 2008 -

Another great USA brand for ladies who are not so fond of the dress-like look of the other styles comes Splash Gear which is designed after surf gear (like rashguard) so the shirts and pants are not too clingy or loose in the water.

- Aisha La Estudiante, Saturday, October 18, 2008

Salam sister, I bought Ahiida swimsuit (slim fit unfortunatly) when everybody was praising burqini. And I am not pleased with it.
1) Their trousers are tight so I can’t wear them. I don’t understand how it can be called a modest swimwear if pants are tight? So I had to wear dress trousers instead of burquini’s in the pool. Luckily I found SPLASHGEAR website and bought swim pants from them. They are really loose and comfortable that’s what I call modest.
2) Burquini Headpiece (hijhood) are also poorly designed, It makes my head looks ugly and slips back all the time. It is sooo frustrating that I have to wear amira hijab on it. Also hijhood has stitches that lay right on my ears which causes pain and discomfort in my ears.
3) Slim fit top a bit short, but with my splashgear pants it looks modest.

P.S. I saw many Islamic swimsuits online but no one I realy like because all of them have tight pants (except Splashgear). It's really strange.

- Muslima, July 24, 2008 at 9:16 pm

I have this exact swimsuit in black. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Well, ok, not everything. I got a silver hood, which I definately don't recommend. It makes me look like a knight. My review is up on the website under Jennifer, Saint Paul MN. I swim laps and it doesn't weigh me down (too much). Heck, I just think of it as an extra boost to my workout. The sister who runs the site is a sweetheart. We emailed back and forth for a month about getting a suit tailored, although in the end I didn't need it done. She is excellent in the customer service department. I'd recommend getting one from a provider in the US. If you get the ahiida one, you're paying $$$ for the suit and then $$$$ for the shipping. Then if it doesn't fit, you have to send it back and spend more $$$$$. Ditto for websites based in Europe. I sent my initial splashgear suit back for a smaller size, and it only cost me $10 return shipping, and the sister didn't charge me shipping for the new suit she sent me.

- Friday, July 04, 2008 At 11:52 AM rahma said -
Salams, I actually have the exact same outfit, in the same color. I ordered it from Splashgear about a year ago before going on a trip to Singapore. Although I've only worn this twice since then, I like it a lot and I don't feel like it drags me down at all. And there aren't that many "layers" as the other commenters said, all it is is pants with an attached skirt and a long sleeved shirt. However one thing that disappointed me was the swim cap. It's optional to buy but I went ahead and got it anyway. I didn't like the way it made my face look because it covered my whole forehead and just made me look weird. Instead I wore a white cotton amira hijab but it pretty much sucked because when it got wet, I wasn't able to hear anything at all. So I don't think it [the outfit] looks weird and I've seen non-muslims dress this way especially at the beach and no one really stares. But then again that was in Singapore, and they're much more used to seeing Muslim women than they are here in Texas!

- Friday, July 04, 2008 At 1:41 PM SM said -
i love my islamic bathing suit. it’s not a burkini but it’s great. it’s from splashgear ( . it’s an investment for me because we’re going to disney this year and insha~allah PR in december. i’m getting in the water…lol.

- UmmAmirah - July 1, 2008 at 8:16 pm -
I have a suit from splashgear usa that is absolutely fabulous. When you step out of the pool, simply tug the bottom of the shirt and it unsticks right away. Walk a bit and the pants dry and puff out. I believe there’s a demonstration on the website (google splashgear to get there, if we’re not allowed to post links).

- Posted by rahma | June 24th, 2008 -

It’s a favorite hobby of mine to search for modest swim wear. I love splash gear ... After amassing a number of links I found the ultimate link with all my favorite styles. From the US- Splash Gear ... Someday I’d love to do a modest swim wear post on my blog, Insha’Allah.

Peace~Sallam, aisha

- Posted by aisha | June 22nd, 2008 -

Best Swimwear

Don’t you want to go to the beach when the summer gets into full swing?
How about those really cool water parks? We love getting out there and having a good time while also getting in some much needed exercise.
Don’t be shy about going out, these swimsuits are made for hijabis and non-hijabis alike.
These are our top pics for summer 2008: Splashgear (check out their new line coming out in June)...

- Posted by Mariam Sobh, HijabTrendz™, May 23, 2008 -

Salam alaikum,

So my mom bought me a splashgear swimsuit for mothers day. For all of you who havent seen them.... go to the website. I believe they are the most modest ones you can buy. I got the resort pants which are a loose fitting ankle length pant with a virtually instant dry material. The shirt is a surfer rashguard type material but is almost knee length. Also there is a tight hijab that fits great and wont move. I am so excited that this summer i can enjoy the beaches and pools with out wearing heavy jeans and mens shirts!!!! To me Splashgear seems to be the best swimsuits out there for muslimahs and priced better also.

-Posted by UmmHusayn, May 12, 2008 -

ASA Umm Sana,

Check out I bought one from there last year. They are actually affordable. We’re off to Sesame Place again.

-Posted by UmmAmirah, April 4, 2008 -

I got a swimsuit (hood, shirt, and pants) from Splashgear, and I really love it. It's comfortable to swim in, and the hood certainly keeps your hair out of the pool filter. I've even worn the shirt when taking long walks outdoors because it has sun protection built in...

- Posted by Cathy S., February, 2008 -


Although I don’t care much for flower prints, this [Splashgear swimwear] is 100 times more acceptable in public than the previous fobalicious post. I know some ladies who have this suit and say they’ve never had issues going out in public. They blend right in despite being more covered up. Yay for Splashgear!

- Posted by Mariam Sobh,
HijabTrendz™, December 14th, 2007 -

We've been swimming this summer. A lot. I bought a really nice, modest swimsuit from Splashgear. Tres cute.

- Posted by Aoife August 23, 2007 -